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The Northeast Calgary Women’s Clinic opened it’s doors on October 22, 2007.  It is an innovative model for providing primary women’s health care to women who experience gender, language and/or cultural barriers to women’s health care, or those without a family physician. 

We are passionate about quality women's health care.  Our physicians and staff are caring, knowledgeable, and posses unique skills to address language, gender and cultural barriers. 

We provide services for issues relating to "female parts", such as: pregnancy care, birth control, cervical cancer screening (pap smears),  IUD insertions, family planning, fertility issues, breast checks, endometrial biopsies, menstrual concerns and menopausal issues. 

The Northeast Calgary Women’s Clinic is committed to quality women’s health care and community health education.  We strive to create a physical, emotional and spiritual atmosphere that is inviting, comfortable and safe for all women involved.

The Northeast Women's Clinic is a not-for-profit service to the community.